Edington Spencer Photography continues 120-year history in photography from 1890 through present. We serve the Houston, Texas Metro area and the states of Oklahoma, Kansas Missouri and Arkansas. Our photographic stock ranges from 1890s hunting and portrait photographs to modern and avante' gard art.

Art models we have very liberal stats for erotic, nude, lingerie and lifestyles models this depends on the assignment, type of photo shoot or gallery the photographs will be used for. We pay art models with references from known artists, art collectives, art publications or institutions of higher learning.

Fashion models we will photograph models as clients with the stats of sizes 0-8,  5'7" and above. Our rates are $400 per portfolio for up to unlimited looks for up to 4 hours. Our half day rate is $375, daily rate is $750 per day plus expenses.

"Fashion Designers/Promoters" we work on a fee for service basis under contract. Simply stated we are not Paparazzi!

Friending Models, If you are under the age of 18, afraid of doing nude modeling photographs and are not already a client, fashion or erotic or lifestyles model we have worked with please understand we promote those that advance the avante' gard. We promo only those willing to be photographed in the genres of; art, erotic, fetish, lifestyle, bdsm, Ds, goth or Inked, lingerie, fashion, boudoir and swimwear. I see this as asking those models who do what you will not to promote your career!

We seek to friend those with similar views of art and expression! With extremely rare exception nearly all of the most popular models in the world have posed nude in part or whole as well as wearing revealing fashions on camera and down the runways.  To quote a well established male model, " If you can't see the artistic importance of nudity and it's integeral roll in the modeling industry as a whole, then I'm sorry you've chosen to limit yourself."  We have a classic style with a modern edge.  We are a studio who promotes the avante' garde photographic art and the models who pose for it!