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I have been told by many around my business to start a blog. They want me to tell them what nude photography means to me or somehow explain the Zen that occurs in my mind about what I see and want in my images.  I have to reiterate every time  the topic has been mentioned that I am only a eye a window to others expression and growth.  Most of my models and clients  express a sense of freedom and openness that occurs after posing.  My significant other and I while we were younger  posed together photographs, it assisted us in our view of life and love with each other.  It was a benchmark we used to start our relationship from.  It has served as a commonality between our clients and ourselves a binding of models and artists.



The public seems to crave more art driven photography as the democratization of photography has made much of the commercial side clich├ęd.   We have been extremely lucky regarding our models and clients. We respect and honor them always. The extreme spread in cultures and upbringings of both patrons and models constantly is expanding.  We look to continue improving our photographic product by always probing new genres and techniques.   Spence

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